Cross-Over Performance Acts

Inspired by the innovative circus artistry of Cirque Du Soleil, and the building of a creative network of highly skilled international artistes, performers and singers, Anna Möntmann’s Fantasy Costume Collection originated here in Berlin and gave rise to unique and unparalleled Performance Acts and Combination Cross-Over Productions.

The finely honed skills of the creative team combine visually spectacular costumes and fascinating, breath-taking artistic skills with the power of music as performed by talented pop/rock or classical singers.

We can customise and choreograph individual performances to cater to the theme of the event.

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See video ‘Skyfall’ - A cross-over performance with live vocals in a fantasy ‘Ice Fairy’ costume in combination with an aerial artistic routine by Olena Yakymenko (

The video ‘Feeling Good’ featuring the ‘Sun’ and ‘Cherry Blossom’ costumes in combination with a Pole-Art artistic routine by Olena Yakymenko, and live vocals by sopranos Svenja and Soul singer Sara.





With a large choice of unique and theme-appropriate costumes as displayed on this website, we are in a position to create and produce colourful, emotive and innovative entertainment for your organisation.

The actors and performers in our multi-faceted creative teams can perform either as a solo act, or in a cross-over performance tailored to your requirements.

Our Berlin team offers our clients superb quality, cohesive and effective artistic performances tailored to your budget.

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