General Information

General Information with any Engagement of WALK and VOCAL PERFORMANCE ACTS.

Operating Times / Storage requirements / Dressing requirements / Catering / Hotel Accommodation

Most fantasy costumes consist of sweeping skirts and corsets, and have similar backpack supports for the high costume pieces, such as wings, leaves, flags, etc.

In order to avoid damage to the sophisticated and unique hand-stitched costumes, and to guarantee the smooth running and performance of any Walk-and Vocal Acts, please be aware and mindful of the following aspects and requirements.

Similarly, special requirements are also needed for the staff involved, as explained below.

  • For all event bookings, an assistant, for the transportation, dressing, fitting, and styling of the costumes and of the models and singers, accompanies every engagement.
  • Any booking of more then 3 costumes will also require an additional assistant to accompany the event or engagement.
  • With a booking of any Cross-Over Combination production, the team will travel from Berlin by rented bus (plus driver), with all the costumes, the artistes, and the props required, to the event location.
  • Due to the heavy weight of the costumes, a Walk Acts Action is limited to a maximum duration of 45 minutes.
  • After a break of about 40 minutes, an additional 45 minutes, is permitted, up to a maximum of 3 performances per event.
  • For Fair events, different usage times can be arranged in advance.
Dressing Room Requirements
  • With the PERFORMANCE ACTS, a clean, separate, costume dressing room is required. Minimum space: 4 m x 4 m.
  • The dressing room should be preferably at ground level and in the vicinity of the performance location. The doors of the dressing room must be at least 90 cm wide and 2 meters high.
  • When organizing the dressing room facilities, please provide the following: one or two large tables, (for make-up, styling, and placement of costume props), some chairs, a coat rack, plus a tilting, cheval mirror.
Additional notes to dressing requirements
  • The basic costume pieces (skirt and corsets) are put on in the dressing room.
  • After that, the taller costume pieces (eg. wings) are inserted into their supports, just before making the first entrance, or appearance.
    Please provide a large table for the temporary placement and storage of these costume pieces.
  • Vocal Acts require a table next to, or on stage, for storing the inserts, because stage entrances are often quite narrow.
  • Depending on the location and situation, a screen may be required to block the last minute insertion of the costume pieces from the audience. (Event Planners; please note)
  • Please note when selecting and using the following costumes; "Melon", "Red Pepper", “Grapes", "Pineapple", "Paper fairy" and “Gift fairy”:
    These costumes consist of a strong, wide, aluminium hooped construction, which makes climbing stairs or running impossible.
    Because of these restrictions, dressing room facilities have to be at ground level.
  • For stage appearances, or other venues with steps, therefore, a ramp must be installed prior to use.
Accommodation and Catering
  • Hotel accommodation will be required for models, singers, staff and accompanying assistants.
  • The number of double / single rooms and the names of the participants will be advised upon order confirmation.
  • A plan showing the geographical proximity to the site for parking, garaging and other facilitates will be required.
  • After a particularly long journey to the event or location, a snack with drinks will be welcome, and after the performance, a warm meal would be most appreciated.


We endeavour to be flexible, reliable, and accommodating, and look forward to receiving your questions, suggestions, or proposals so we can help you make this the best event possible.



(Costume Performances with sopranos and female singers)

The technical equipment for light and sound for the Vocal Acts need to be provided by the customer. Please note when planning the event:

Proportions of the costumes

  • The proportions of each costume models, can be found on the website under "technical specifications":
  • Many of the fantasy costumes are about 3.50 m high and about 2.50 m wide.
  • The required ceiling height of the event location must be at least 4 m - exclusive of the height of the catwalk or stage.
  • The aisle width to the stage / performance position must be minimum 2 m wide.
  • 3 to 4 steps of 1.50 m width and 30 to 40 cm height to the stage are necessary for the 
  • stage performance in costumes.
  • Alternatively, a small ramp can be placed in front of the stage

Prerequisite for the optimal SOUND

  • For recording of the music playback please provide 2 CD PLAYERS for safety reasons, if a CD player fails.
  • We bring playback CDs plus a Mac laptop with us.
  • Preferably we would load the playback music as MP3 file via USB flash drive to the laptop
    of the technician of the sound system - for optimal playing at the Vocal Act!
  • The playback of the songs / arias for each performance are available in the requested order of songs / arias.
  • Please provide a hand-held microphone for the Soul / Rock singer.
  • For the classic arias we need a nude coloured headset. 
  • The transmitter is fixed in cooperation with the local technician at the back part of the costume and tuned!
  • In the stage area, we need minimum 2 monitor boxes, so that the singer can hear the playback music for songs or arias in good quality.
  • Alternatively, we like to work with in - ear monitoring.

Prerequisites for optimum LIGHT

  • 2 to 4 followspot (1200 watts min.), brightness adjustable; colour change white, blue, red, magenta,
  • 2 to 4 moving lights (Martin, Robe) with gobos, zoom and prism, 
  • depending on the costume and consultation with the technicians at the sound and lighting check.
  • For the performance  of the Mirror Fairy we recommend the use of a fog machine/hazer. 
  • For the fairy costumes like the ice fairy, fire fairy, water fairy light wind machines are effective.

In advance of every event, we look forward to receive an email exchange with the direct data of contact persons of the company technicians or location technology in order to prepare the technical equipment individually and optimally.