Sea Cape

The sea is symbolic of earth’s vastness. Water, as an essential element, invites us to immerse ourselves into infinity.


This iridescent little being makes an imposing sudden appearance. It is petite, yet has a considerable wingspan. Its large, complex eyes don’t miss a trick!

Butterfly Peacock eye

This butterfly is the go-between heaven and earth. Its ethereal beauty, its iridescent colour make it the Peacock of the heavenly realm


„Like the fish of the deep, search out and seek the good. Who would have thought that fish were surprisingly passionate?“

Dino Cape

Experience the world of dinosaurs in a new, silky, way. Be transported back to a fairy tale land before time began …


Some say the Lobster is a bummer – if you enjoy him at all! A little bite for little gums! But enjoy our Lobster in full magnificence as eye-candy at your next event.

Jungle Cape

Nothing is more fascinating and absorbing than to immerse yourself in rainforest flora and fauna. Wildly exotic and colour saturated, the Jungle Cape is a true rainforest representation

Butterfly blue Knight

This ethereal looking butterfly, known as Heaven’s Wings, bridges heaven and earth. Its charm, its loveliness, its iridescent colours make it the peacock of the heavenly realm.