Yellow Orchid and Red Orchid

Orchids – heavenly blooming messengers of the Garden of Eden

Lily Joy

Flowers give pleasure. They are Nature’s love offering.


Since ancient times, the rose is celebrated as the Queen of Flowers, with red roses a symbol of love.


Nothing radiates sunshine like a happy face!

Butterfly Peacock eye

This butterfly is the go-between heaven and earth. Its ethereal beauty, its iridescent colour make it the Peacock of the heavenly realm

Lilie Passion

Die Lilie ist in vielen Kulturen das Symbol der Unsterblichkeit, der Anmut und Reinheit. Ihre Schönheit bezauberte Monarchen so sehr, dass die weiße Lilie als Zeichen in ihre Herrscherwappen Eingang fand.

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom is a Japanese cultural symbol of fleeting and transient beauty. Spring brings the „Hanami“ or Cherry Blossom Festival to mind, whose trees only bloom and reveal their full rosy-red beauty for a few days a year

Butterfly blue Knight

This ethereal looking butterfly, known as Heaven’s Wings, bridges heaven and earth. Its charm, its loveliness, its iridescent colours make it the peacock of the heavenly realm.