Yellow Orchid and Red Orchid

Orchids – heavenly blooming messengers of the Garden of Eden

Lily Joy

Flowers give pleasure. They are Nature’s love offering.


Since ancient times, the rose is celebrated as the Queen of Flowers, with red roses a symbol of love.

Chard with Vegetables

The humble Chard has long been overshadowed by spinach. Enough! This fine-tasting, versatile veggie is winning legions of Fine Dining and Gourmet fans.


Nothing radiates sunshine like a happy face!

Butterfly Peacock eye

This butterfly is the go-between heaven and earth. Its ethereal beauty, its iridescent colour make it the Peacock of the heavenly realm

Lilie Passion

Die Lilie ist in vielen Kulturen das Symbol der Unsterblichkeit, der Anmut und Reinheit. Ihre Schönheit bezauberte Monarchen so sehr, dass die weiße Lilie als Zeichen in ihre Herrscherwappen Eingang fand.

Dino Cape

Experience the world of dinosaurs in a new, silky, way. Be transported back to a fairy tale land before time began …

Leek with Radicchio Leavs

Leek is an all-rounder! We think of leek as a trendy young vegetable! No longer the salad or vegetable poor relation, watch it strut its elegant stuff in a new and lively way.

Jungle Cape

Nothing is more fascinating and absorbing than to immerse yourself in rainforest flora and fauna. Wildly exotic and colour saturated, the Jungle Cape is a true rainforest representation