Capsicum (Red Pepper/Paprika)

With its fire and sweetness, the „Spanish Pepper“ is just as enticing in salads as in any kitchen spice rack.

Chard with Vegetables

The humble Chard has long been overshadowed by spinach. Enough! This fine-tasting, versatile veggie is winning legions of Fine Dining and Gourmet fans.


„Those who don’t like wine, women, and songs, remain a fool their whole life long“!

(Martin Luther)


Melons, along with pumpkins, are both of the berry family. A light and sweet summer treat. An ideal accompaniment to Finger Food, Cocktails, and summer-y punches.

Leek with Radicchio Leavs

Leek is an all-rounder! We think of leek as a trendy young vegetable! No longer the salad or vegetable poor relation, watch it strut its elegant stuff in a new and lively way.

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom is a Japanese cultural symbol of fleeting and transient beauty. Spring brings the „Hanami“ or Cherry Blossom Festival to mind, whose trees only bloom and reveal their full rosy-red beauty for a few days a year


Pineapple – queen of exotic fruits. Columbus - secret sweet treasure from South America, the best ingredient for a white rum or a wonderful Pina Colada


The glowing rosy-red strawberry mouth became a potent symbol of love and desire during the French Baroque period. Even today we associate this sweet fruit not just with its enticing sweetness and aroma, not just with the ability to caress our palates, but to caress our souls. Application; Entrance Variations: Ideal Walking Act for fairs, Cocktail Events, or cooking demonstrations. „Wimbledon“ tennis fans favourite fruit – traditionally enjoyed with a glass of champagne – a pleasure not just reserved for tennis fans! This costume, including the hat, is 2 m high and 1.30 m wide. The figure could be installed in at those venues or locations with low ceilings or limited headroom.   Download → Information – PDF for costume details → Pictures


Banana – source of vital, pure energy