Yellow Orchid and Red Orchid

Orchids – heavenly blooming messengers of the Garden of Eden


Little gifts preserve a friendship

Lily Joy

Flowers give pleasure. They are Nature’s love offering.


Since ancient times, the rose is celebrated as the Queen of Flowers, with red roses a symbol of love.

Capsicum (Red Pepper/Paprika)

With its fire and sweetness, the „Spanish Pepper“ is just as enticing in salads as in any kitchen spice rack.

Chard with Vegetables

The humble Chard has long been overshadowed by spinach. Enough! This fine-tasting, versatile veggie is winning legions of Fine Dining and Gourmet fans.

Crystal Fairy

“Tiny white snowflakes clothed all in white. High above, when will you descend? Your home is the heavens, your journey so far. Welcome at my window, lovely little star, paint your beloved ice flowers there.”

(inspired by a German Folksong by Hedwig Haberkern)

Sea Cape

The sea is symbolic of earth’s vastness. Water, as an essential element, invites us to immerse ourselves into infinity.


„Those who don’t like wine, women, and songs, remain a fool their whole life long“!

(Martin Luther)


This iridescent little being makes an imposing sudden appearance. It is petite, yet has a considerable wingspan. Its large, complex eyes don’t miss a trick!