Motorsport Costume

Racy, sleek and elegant – it’s all about the curves! Wheels are nothing new, for us – it’s all about the artistic formula. Discover our racy and elegant models and singers, who put a lot of power in their song and dance curves!

Application; Entrance Variations:

  • As a Walking Act at auto/motor shows, at auto/motoring fairs,
    car dealership openings, new production line introductions, motoring associations
  • As a Vocal Act, with suitable songs, such as „Baby, you can drive my car“, or „Carwash“.

  • On the 3 Carrera-Runway, the illuminated vehicle is battery operated
  • We can arrange for Carrera to order and install other vehicle models, as desired.
  • Costume is 3.30 m high, and 1.80 m wide.
  • Due to heavy costume weight, maximum model exposure time is limited to 2 x 20 minutes