Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom is a Japanese cultural symbol of fleeting and transient beauty.
Spring brings the „Hanami“ or Cherry Blossom Festival to mind, whose trees only bloom and reveal their full rosy-red beauty for a few days a year.

Application; Entrance Variations:

  • As a Walking Act for Garden Shows, BUGA Opening Ceremonies, Spring Fashion Parades, Fruit and Produce Fairs, Japanese Cherry Blossom Time events and festivals, Brand Product Displays
  • As a Classic Vocal Act with arias from „La Traviata“
  • As a Soul/Pop Vocal Act accompanied by Cross-Over Installations „Pole Art and Costume Art“, featuring songs of choice, perhaps, „Feeling good“ or similar

  • Costume is 3.50 m high, and 3.30 m wide



Classic Rendition: „Sempre Libera“ from „La Traviata“ featuring Svenja H.  

Soul/Pop Rendition: „Feeling Good“, featuring Sara M.


Information -PDF or costume details
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