Football Fascination: one ball, 22 players, and a whole heap of Mexican waves. Football fascination has gripped every nation. Get caught up in the same fever pitch of excitement as your guests and potential clients with our excitingly energising „Football-Flag-Costume”

Application; Entrance Variations:

  • As Walking Act at football stadiums and pitches, sporting galas, European Masters or World Masters Football Champion Shows
  • Promotions for Football League organisations, Football Stadium openings or Sporting award ceremonies
  • At bigger events we like to additionally recommend Football Acts, such as „Football Fan Parade“, by “Zebra Stelzen Theater”, or Freestyle Football,

    • With sufficient prior notice we can arrange the printing of event-specific national flags, or appropriate club logos
    • Costume is 3.50 m high, and 3.30 m wide


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