Ice Fairy

The Ice Fairy is a storybook figure from the land of glacial snow and ice. Its appearance heralds and reminds us of the artistic, painterly flowers that appear on frozen windowpanes. The Ice Fairy with her white wings, particularly against a winter wonderland scene, is indeed a heavenly, magical treat for the eyes

Application; Entrance Variations:

  • As a Walking Act, the Ice Fairy lends her own enchantment to any Christmas occasion, particularly when combined with light projection onto her white wings
  • As a Vocal Act, with a Soul/Pop entrance for a winter wonderland show
  • As a Classic Vocal Act, for instance, the dramatic and noble aria „La Wally“
  • As a Vocal Act, perhaps with a cross-over aerial Acrobatic routine, performed to the „Skyfall“ theme, or other well known songs.

  • This costume is 3.50 m high, and 3 m wide.
  • Lighting effects, company logos or other designs could be projected onto the white wings