Mirror Fairy

According to Chinese Buddhist beliefs, mirrors are one of the 8 most precious commodities. It symbolises purity of the soul. In Japan, it is the symbol of the Sun Goddess, and appears as a flower chalice shaped mirror in Shinto temples

Application; Entrance Variations:

  • This costume is particularly suited to organisations with a modern, futuristic theme. Ideal for New Building Openings, or technical facilities.
  • This costume with 2.400 laser cut mirrors is to be used for stage productions only, and is only offered as part of a Vocal Act
  • Due to heavy weight of costume, maximum usage time is limited to 15 minutes (2 to 3 songs; or 2 arias and 1 song)
  • As a Vocal Act for Cross-Over Production with live music performances with various artists.

  • Costume is 3.50 m high, and 3.00 m wide
  • In any auditorium, the use of various targeted spotlights and strong overhead lighting is required for best mirror reflection.
    – often used in combination with a laser show.
  • The targeted introduction of a smoke machine can also be very effective


Pop/R&B: „Chandelier“ by Sia, with Svenja H.

Classic: „La Wally“, with Svenja H.

Classic Rendition: „Diva Dance, 5th Element“, with Svenja H.

Soul/Rock Rendition: „Diamonds“, with Sara M.


Information -PDF for costume details
Technical Rider