Since ancient times, the rose is celebrated as the Queen of Flowers, with red roses a symbol of love.

Application; Entrance Variations:

  • This costume comes in different variations, as a skirt, dress, colour, or rose accessories, depending on required Entrances, venues, or locations
  • As a Walking Act, as a much in demand eye-catcher at any „Welcome“ scenarios, at Give-Away events.
  • As a Walking Act or Vocal Act in conjunction with the „Walking Roses“ revue by “Zebra Stelzen Theater” company
  • As a Vocal Act – a favourite at Birthday Celebrations, Weddings, Company events, Galas, Shows, Entertainment events, Fashion Shows, Fashion Parades
  • As a Vocal Act with a Cross-Over „Pole Art“ artistic installation Act, or an aerial Scarf routine, with artist Olena Yakymenko performing client’s choice of love songs

  • With required costume variations, this costume can be up to 2.50m high, and 2.30 m wide