Anna Möntmann

Spontaneous joy-of-life and the happiness of disguising.

Anna Möntmann offers individually crafted, lively Fantasy Costume and Cross-Over Performance Productions.

With this new, unique and exciting combination of Costume Art, Artistic Acts and Live Singing Acts, Anna and her talented team enchants the viewing public at Galas, Grand Opening Events or Trade Fairs into the fascinating world of fantasy.

Since early 2011, Anna lives and maintains her studio in Berlin, the expending capital of Germany.

With her creative network of high-grade artists, acrobats and singers, she operates throughout Europe.

Her costume design is influenced by Circus Themes and the Caribbean Way of Live.

After some time spent as an airline stewardess travelling throughout South America and various Arabian countries as well as fashion Studies in Amsterdam, Anna began touring throughout Europe as a costume designer with a traditional circus.

With the opening of her own studio in Frankfurt in 1985, she constructed early prototypes of today’s fantasy costumes and designed her unique, flamboyantly costumes for various circuses.

Circus Roncalli

TV Reports


After her exciting experiences with the circus and her first own event production, she decided to withdraw for a while; "back to the roots" to the Caribbean Islands of St Lucia and Trinidad /Tobago.
It was here, in the home of the spectacular Carnival, where she discovered the art of silk painting.

From now on, intense saturated colours and bright noble silk fabrics characterize her work as a costume designer.
Since the year 2000, after her return to Germany, an own collection of fantasy costumes and huge textile sculptures, hand made on finest silk, were created and crafted.
“I get my inspiration from the giant “King” and “Queen” Carnival Costumes from Trinidad/ Tobago. They are symbolic for the spirit of spontaneous joy of life and the gleeful excitement and fun of disguise into another character,” says Anna Möntmann. 

For Anna, her creativity is not only expressed in her fascinating, colourful figures and costumes, but also in the process of creating accompanying Vocal Acts and international Artistic Acts combined into Cross-Over Performance Productions.

She combines the visual extravaganza of high-quality costumes with the universal power of music.
Vigorous Vocal Acts with Pop/Rock Singers and Sopranos out of the world of classical music, give these Performance Costumes their very own and individual soul, often touching the heart of the international audience.